VIT launches InDiaTel – the first health care product

Chennai, Dec 22:

InDiaTel – a devise that acquires various physiological data from patients suffering from diabetes to sent to doctors was launched by VIT. The devise has been created by School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT) – along with TMI Systems, Bengaluru.

It is the outcome of a DST project by the School’s faculty Associate Professor and is called “InDiaTel- Design and Development of Telemedicine based Health care unit for Diabetic Disorder.” It was launched at the university’s Rajaji Hall. The devise can also send information nursing stations and clinics using wireless communication.

The Product was launched by Dr. G. Viswanathan, Founder and Chancellor of VIT and handed over to Suresh Rangan Director of TMI Systems in the presence of UGC and AICTE committee members and the Vice Chancellor of VIT.

During the launch the Chancellor G. Viswanathan said he was proud to launch such a devise and congratulated the principle investigator and also motivated others to design new products. Dr. P. Arulmozhiverman thanked the gathering and assured that the School will come up with more such similar innovations.